realtime, Pythonic webframework

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What's this all about

Go check out the meteor platform. The demos are really impressive. Then come back to this and think, "...ported to Python" (kudos nuclearqtip for the pitch!) See our initial presentaion, an the obligatory todomvc implementation. You can find more info on this here. Note the project is very new, documentation is high priority but still missing

1. Fast and scalable

Built on top of the asynchronous networking library Tornado, which has similar performance to NodeJS - at a glance :)

2. Minimalist

Couple webalchemy with what you want.. say MongoDB, SQLAlchemy or the web2py database layer. It's not full-stack but it fully addresses the issue of realtime without having to use complex Javascript when the cleaner, nicer language is Python -that's subjective! (kudos metaperl for the pitch)

3. Open source

Licensed under the MIT License